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Fundamental Relationship Marketing

May 10, 2008
The stock market is an amazing thing. Just ask Warren Buffet. Master, mentor and billionaire extraordinaire. He is the ultimate Fundamental Relationship Projectionist! His history and success, in my opinion, is largely based on the relationships he has with people, namely long term, permanent business relationships. He does not trade stock or follow the market day to day. Anyone and Everyone who learned from him, followed his advice, and listened then piggy-back invested in his Berkshire Hathaway, made millions following his trust and advice. Had computers been used back then, these same people seeking through the ‘net’ surfing for a ‘king’ of investment (a virtual adviser) back when he started, none of them may have attained any level of financial success whatsoever. You see, he personally mentored under a highly successful investor, and build a strong relationship up and out from that. His integrity, authentic desire to use non-emotional decisions based on people and company strength, and not the market whims and flimsy ideas, built the foundation of growth into what he is and has attained today. And we all want to be like him without the years needed to accomplish it.
I think this is why many of us fail at ventures today in the technological world we live. Millions want to sell something/anything over the internet, buy into template cookie cutter affiliate programs, buy into outsourced ideas and programs. WHAT we sell is almost not important as the art of selling your ‘SPECIAL’ SYSTEM, all virtual! No relationships with people, just relationships with systems. This is why a master of direct marketing said recently it is the era of looking for diamonds in a great ‘sea of poverty’. There are NO diamonds to be found there!

Also, we seem to now going about our business with the believe direct relationships are not as important as virtual one’s Don’t believe me? Just go on the net and see how many people that you will never meet that want to sell you something or into anything, even virtual nothingness, a virtual abyss. Let’s set the record straight…true relationships cannot be ‘bought or outsourced.’ Did you get that? Relationships cannot be bought or outsourced! When you go out to meet people, shake their hand, chat a while, enjoy some time with coffee, ask a few questions, and enjoy someone’s company no one can embrace that moment except the person/people experiencing it. Rapport builds with trust and integrity. And out from that can grow an expansive partnership which may include business.

A very wealthy businessman says this path of direct relationships can grow an enormous amount of wealth, much much larger than any derivative outsourced program a lot of internet guru’s try to suck you into! So if you want a lot of money, wealth and riches in your life, join the ultra successful and live the ‘good’ life, then get out and market yourself and your ideas, seek out fundamental healthy relationships with everyone you can in your area, and watch the magic happen to you!