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They say it’s your birthday….It’s my birthday to yah!

October 10, 2008

The Beatles hit it right on the money. It’s my birthday to yah! Tomorrow, October 16th is my birthday. Of course the one person this should matter to is me, regardless of any other phone calls, etc. So yes, it is an important day to me, a milestone, a new day for a new year! With so many things influencing our days it is rare to stop and honor yourself, and perhaps reflect on the influence and impact you have done, the achievements, just from being alive and interacting with people from every walk of life. Yes, I am in my 50’s, but I still do a countdown a few days ahead of my big day, just like I did in my teens! So I say a huge¬† HAPPY BIRTHDAY to everyone who’s big day falls on October 16! I send out generous pieces of cake to all of you and be sure to take one for myself…and maybe a dram of single malt scotch to raise a toast to the cornerstones of the earth, just because I can!

Until the next WebLog…