The Three Doors…

Life is a choice. If you had only 3 doors in front of you right now and you could only pick one. You are given 1 minute in front of each door to examine it, then on the fourth minute you must make a decision and can never turn back. Which door would you choose?

Door #1- Use your special key to enter in through this door to continue on everyday from this day forward, for the rest of your entire life, as is, with no change ever in your life.

Door #2- Use your special key to enter in through this door permanently knowing that you will get change, but accept anything that comes your way, leaving your future to chance.

Door #3- You use your special key to enter through this door knowing it opens new paths of growth, greater health, greater wealth, and a lovely lifestyle, with like-minded people, friends and family who want to be with you always in the garden of wealth.

The only caveate is once you unlock ONE DOOR with a special key identified to you only and you choose to walk through, you can never turn back and must take full responsibilty to make it happen. You will be the only one in control!

WHAT WOULD BE YOUR ANSWER??? Do you believe you would choose the right door? Do you have a strong enough reason and desire to pursue the right door? Do you plan to leave it to chance? Walk up to each door and examine them. Read what is engraved on the wood in each door. One turn of the doorknob and it is final. When you look behind you all you see is a darkness, with nowhere to go back to, only forward through 1 door. It is now minute 4 and you must choose…are you ready? Unlock your future now…

And oh by the way…good luck! If you pick that one special door you may see me waiting your arrival on the other side to welcome you and guide you forward, into the new…


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