Leader or Follower…which are you?

If you were to provide a quick response to the above question, what would your answer be? Do you know the difference? Do I know the difference? A good place to start is for me to answer this question. I can see over the years I have been both, which has served and been a detriment to me at the same time. There are times I should have led when I should have followed and managed when I should have been managed. This brings up a key question that need to be examined. What is the difference between the two and how could this ‘knowing’ effect my future actions, relationships and outcomes to situations and events? I think the answer lays in self-management, not with others. If a person will self manage themselves they are then able to lead. Managing others only leads to co-dependency because others will always fall back to you to help them manage what they choose to not manage themselves. This then makes you feel responsible to others success or failure. On the other hand, if you take sovereignty back (being totally responsible for yourself) and lead from this authority of self others will want to follow or be around you for this energy. Then they will want to do the same, start to leading, following your example, being responsible for self. You then can allow / follow (as a great leader) the leaders around you put their own ‘footprint’ on matters that are theirs to own and operate. You then do only what is proper as your own leader of self tending to the details (management) that are your own, self management. I believe a great self manager is a great leader to the world. Go out and self manage yourself today, okay? You will become a great leader in your home, community, business and nation. You will find many thing in your environment change because of your change in thinking. Surprise yourself. Go be a great leader…


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