They say it’s your birthday….It’s my birthday to yah!

October 10, 2008

The Beatles hit it right on the money. It’s my birthday to yah! Tomorrow, October 16th is my birthday. Of course the one person this should matter to is me, regardless of any other phone calls, etc. So yes, it is an important day to me, a milestone, a new day for a new year! With so many things influencing our days it is rare to stop and honor yourself, and perhaps reflect on the influence and impact you have done, the achievements, just from being alive and interacting with people from every walk of life. Yes, I am in my 50’s, but I still do a countdown a few days ahead of my big day, just like I did in my teens! So I say a huge  HAPPY BIRTHDAY to everyone who’s big day falls on October 16! I send out generous pieces of cake to all of you and be sure to take one for myself…and maybe a dram of single malt scotch to raise a toast to the cornerstones of the earth, just because I can!

Until the next WebLog…


OH Bee, Oh, Bee, Where art Thee out in the land so free?

May 10, 2008

A recent tv show I watched profiled what I consider to bee the demise of one of the true wonders of the natural world…the honey bee. The honey bee pollinates just about every type of plant, vegetable and fruit in the fields of mankind. We do not only depend on the bee for honey. We need the honey bee to do the natural thing.. to seed the fields of foods in just about every food group available to man! If this does not happen we do not eat, period! The very makeup of the bee is amazing alone. They are designed so as to know which way the sun is, perform a dance that is in itself unbeelievable to show all the other bees how far, how fast, how high, how long to fly to get a source of food for the hive, how to protect the queen bee, the purpose and action of the worker bees, the purpose and action of the ‘drones’… the list is so far reaching to nature that comes right back to effect everyone of us directly- our mouths. Whether we realize it or not today, we will know the truth very soon, as we will not have the food the bee has provided since the beeginning of time. The bee’s are not even going back to the hive anymore, which means only one thing, death. We simply will not have the organic natural foods from the land of plenty to eat! Because there will not bee any! So now what??? Who, what is to blame? Why is this happening? Is it as profound as what the documentary revealed? Is it what is in our environment? A virus(s) and/or other health issues? Compromised immune system? Greed of the bee keepers and commercial operators? A mixture of some/all of these? Why is man’s head down and we seem to not be aware of this siuation, which could be a tragedy on a global far reaching scale affecting our eating supply and nutrients? How did we let this get so far along on what could be an irreversible path, the death of one of natures wonderous seed planters and food suppliers. Why is it we are not paying attention to this serious problem…until a documentary reveals it as a serious problem? Is there something in all of us that we are so focused on ourselves, a narcisistic nation only focused on our own needs & greeds, our own desires, our own personal problems, our own personal wealth or lack of, our own personal illnessess/health issues, our, our, our, etc? Have we forgot the simple truth that nature has her way with the universe and inhabitants therein? She governs and corrects all negligence, all inverted perspectives and seductive spins away from of her truths. We are not getting the picture she must correct it all, as she governs everything below it, which is everything, including you and I. I, like many of you hope this can bee corrected and returned to it’s natural state, or honey at the kitchen table as weel as many other foods we take for granted will bee no longer there.

The Three Doors…

May 10, 2008

Life is a choice. If you had only 3 doors in front of you right now and you could only pick one. You are given 1 minute in front of each door to examine it, then on the fourth minute you must make a decision and can never turn back. Which door would you choose?

Door #1- Use your special key to enter in through this door to continue on everyday from this day forward, for the rest of your entire life, as is, with no change ever in your life.

Door #2- Use your special key to enter in through this door permanently knowing that you will get change, but accept anything that comes your way, leaving your future to chance.

Door #3- You use your special key to enter through this door knowing it opens new paths of growth, greater health, greater wealth, and a lovely lifestyle, with like-minded people, friends and family who want to be with you always in the garden of wealth.

The only caveate is once you unlock ONE DOOR with a special key identified to you only and you choose to walk through, you can never turn back and must take full responsibilty to make it happen. You will be the only one in control!

WHAT WOULD BE YOUR ANSWER??? Do you believe you would choose the right door? Do you have a strong enough reason and desire to pursue the right door? Do you plan to leave it to chance? Walk up to each door and examine them. Read what is engraved on the wood in each door. One turn of the doorknob and it is final. When you look behind you all you see is a darkness, with nowhere to go back to, only forward through 1 door. It is now minute 4 and you must choose…are you ready? Unlock your future now…

And oh by the way…good luck! If you pick that one special door you may see me waiting your arrival on the other side to welcome you and guide you forward, into the new…

Will the real person stand up, please?

May 10, 2008

So many things have changed in today’s high tech environments that allow, encourage, foster and grow, virtual altered versions of the self that may or may not reflect the real person. Most humans do not want to feel ‘left behind’ to anything new, especially on the web. We have a need to follow what is ‘current’, even if it is to our detriment, both personally and financially. Let me explain. As we all know there is huge growth in online social networks, facebook, youtube, classmate websites, adult sites, gambling sites, to name just a few. When choosing to do e-business or a direct marketing business on the net the options are so wide and diverse so as to allow you many virtual possibilites. Many companies capitalize on this need of the small online business person wanting to make money through the net. The largest growing trend, buzz and direction of the net is to grow a ‘pipeline’ of virtual prospects from many sources ‘out there’ interested in what you want to sell, then pipelined direct to you, all done virtually. It is the new world of viral marketing. There are many flaws with this type of marketing that for most people will lead them to poverty. Firstly, you do not need to care anything about the ‘real’ person including there real name, as long as you get an email address, they are a contact prospect. Another consideration with this type of marketing is getting this pipeline growing by keeping lots of fresh leads (prospects) attracted to your web page and follow through to become a long term client, buyer. Very very few people have positioned themselves on the web with strong pipelines attracting prospects, resulting in what is known as ‘lead poverty’. This is where ‘affiliate’ programs, lead generation companies and derivative programs come into play. Web sharks operate these programs and, mark my words, make huge sums of money, have powerfully positioned themselves (with everyone elses money- there own teams monies!). Want proof? In google, type in names like DONALD TRUMP or RICHARD BRANSON and look on the righthand bar who the top sponsored links are. These are just some of the guys operating these programs. The click throughs are extremely expensive for the average individual to capitalize on but cheap for the affiliate companies, which make you sign up, pay $40.00 per month to access, then add many other $charges for splash pages, web pages, templates, $5.00- $40.00 per prospect lead, to name just a few. (One side note- a multi-millionaire 20 year veteran networker says there are very few, if any great leads from these programs and it is all a waist of money!) You could easily seduced into 20 or 30 sub programs from the original company you got involved with from all the ‘leaders’ on your so called team. When you join these so called ‘teams of professionals’ you are forced to ‘follow’ their leadership and DUPLICATE what they tell you to do. When you do not (maybe because you cannot afford it) the person(s) who attracted you to the online opportunity most times will not communicate with you anymore nor aid your new business. DO YOU SEE WHAT IS REALLY HAPPENING? Remember also most rarely do you ever meet all these so called professional team members unless you pay great sums to attend their holiday functions. This brings me back to my 20 year veteran marketer. He made huge sums of money over the years by doing only 2 simple things that work, meet and talk to real people! He does not use technology in TODAYS marketplace to make a fortune. Did you hear that? He states that the $300,000+ monthly earners do their business that way. If you are serious about making a fortune on the net with a direct marketing business you always have the option of following the crowd into the new virtual world trends or do it the old fashion way, by being yourself, authentic, real, meeting real people in need of a better life. It’s that simple. If you walk into a room and see an odd looking guy standing and chatting to people its probably me, being real. Come shake my hand, then I’ll know the real you? How great is that? Meet you soon…

The Critical Point vs. The Point Of No Return

May 10, 2008

In our life’s choosings, it is fascinating to note how many times decisions are based on fear vs. faith. I know many points along the road which have proved this in my own life. Yet there are also times when the choice was a firm ‘YES’ or ‘NO’ based on a ‘gut feeling’- knowing what was ‘the right thing to do. A deeper drive based on faith regardless of outcome. Did it always work out? No, but most times the ‘right thing’ opened new experiences that created new directions and people in my life which I would not have experienced otherwise- new growth, new opportunities. Would I take back any of my experiences? No on your life!

This brings me to my main thought to project out today- the critical point vs. the point of no return. This term is used in aviation. I’ll explain with a personal example I had. I departed an airport on a 450 mile flight in the high Arctic to a destination that had questionable weather. There were very few options as an alternate , with limited information to other possible airports. The decision was to go and if the weather did not improve above the minimum weather required, at some point a decision would be made to either go to an alternate airport or return to the airport we departed from. The critical point was at about 2 hours into the flight. A decision had to be made at that time to continue to the destination or 1) go to an alternate airport 2) return to home base of departure. Well, as you guessed it, we arrived at this critical point in the flight, the weather still had not improved(it was questionable if we would be able to land). there were no other options for an close-by alternate airport to wait for the weather to improve. It was at this point a decision had to be made. Continuing on this flight path further would have put us at the ‘point of no return’ the point which we would not have been able to return to the departure airport with a safe amount of fuel remaining. There would be no turning back! The right decision had to be made NOW. What was it going to be? Continue with the hope the weather was going to improve or return home? The limited information I was receiving to make a proper assessment aided in the decision to turn around and go back to the departure airport. We got back safely to the home base to a sunny day and the flight ended normal, with the decision to try at a later time or day.

This experience came back to my thoughts after recently reading a new book out about building and keeping wealth. We all get to critical points at various times in our life when a decision has to be made ‘NOW’, beyond which we will have gone beyond the point of no return. No going back! If the decision is based on a high degree of good information balanced with your ‘gut feeling’ you will base it on smart judgement- faith, rather than fear. Do not expect to get ALL the information. That will not happen. The only person who can take care of you is you. The only person who can make the decision at this critical point is you. Rise out of the walls of your resistance. Trust yourself, be yourself, walk the way you walk, talk the way you talk. Back this up with faith and information on what you desire and GO FOR IT! Push beyond the point of no return! No you will not be able to go back. But is it worth it to not choose the higher place in your life path rather than continue to choose the lower comfortable, fear driven life of mediocrity, obscured, unfocused. Rise up, take the challenge you know down deep you want & desire, tell your lack thoughts to get out of your head once and for all, and go forward with acceptance. Do it today. You will never look back. Why would you want to??? Choose the point of no return.

Leader or Follower…which are you?

May 10, 2008

If you were to provide a quick response to the above question, what would your answer be? Do you know the difference? Do I know the difference? A good place to start is for me to answer this question. I can see over the years I have been both, which has served and been a detriment to me at the same time. There are times I should have led when I should have followed and managed when I should have been managed. This brings up a key question that need to be examined. What is the difference between the two and how could this ‘knowing’ effect my future actions, relationships and outcomes to situations and events? I think the answer lays in self-management, not with others. If a person will self manage themselves they are then able to lead. Managing others only leads to co-dependency because others will always fall back to you to help them manage what they choose to not manage themselves. This then makes you feel responsible to others success or failure. On the other hand, if you take sovereignty back (being totally responsible for yourself) and lead from this authority of self others will want to follow or be around you for this energy. Then they will want to do the same, start to leading, following your example, being responsible for self. You then can allow / follow (as a great leader) the leaders around you put their own ‘footprint’ on matters that are theirs to own and operate. You then do only what is proper as your own leader of self tending to the details (management) that are your own, self management. I believe a great self manager is a great leader to the world. Go out and self manage yourself today, okay? You will become a great leader in your home, community, business and nation. You will find many thing in your environment change because of your change in thinking. Surprise yourself. Go be a great leader…

Fundamental Relationship Marketing

May 10, 2008
The stock market is an amazing thing. Just ask Warren Buffet. Master, mentor and billionaire extraordinaire. He is the ultimate Fundamental Relationship Projectionist! His history and success, in my opinion, is largely based on the relationships he has with people, namely long term, permanent business relationships. He does not trade stock or follow the market day to day. Anyone and Everyone who learned from him, followed his advice, and listened then piggy-back invested in his Berkshire Hathaway, made millions following his trust and advice. Had computers been used back then, these same people seeking through the ‘net’ surfing for a ‘king’ of investment (a virtual adviser) back when he started, none of them may have attained any level of financial success whatsoever. You see, he personally mentored under a highly successful investor, and build a strong relationship up and out from that. His integrity, authentic desire to use non-emotional decisions based on people and company strength, and not the market whims and flimsy ideas, built the foundation of growth into what he is and has attained today. And we all want to be like him without the years needed to accomplish it.
I think this is why many of us fail at ventures today in the technological world we live. Millions want to sell something/anything over the internet, buy into template cookie cutter affiliate programs, buy into outsourced ideas and programs. WHAT we sell is almost not important as the art of selling your ‘SPECIAL’ SYSTEM, all virtual! No relationships with people, just relationships with systems. This is why a master of direct marketing said recently it is the era of looking for diamonds in a great ‘sea of poverty’. There are NO diamonds to be found there!

Also, we seem to now going about our business with the believe direct relationships are not as important as virtual one’s Don’t believe me? Just go on the net and see how many people that you will never meet that want to sell you something or into anything, even virtual nothingness, a virtual abyss. Let’s set the record straight…true relationships cannot be ‘bought or outsourced.’ Did you get that? Relationships cannot be bought or outsourced! When you go out to meet people, shake their hand, chat a while, enjoy some time with coffee, ask a few questions, and enjoy someone’s company no one can embrace that moment except the person/people experiencing it. Rapport builds with trust and integrity. And out from that can grow an expansive partnership which may include business.

A very wealthy businessman says this path of direct relationships can grow an enormous amount of wealth, much much larger than any derivative outsourced program a lot of internet guru’s try to suck you into! So if you want a lot of money, wealth and riches in your life, join the ultra successful and live the ‘good’ life, then get out and market yourself and your ideas, seek out fundamental healthy relationships with everyone you can in your area, and watch the magic happen to you!

You only have to be right once…

May 10, 2008
‘It doesn’t matter how many times you fail. It doesn’t matter how many times you almost get it right. No one is going to know or care about your failures, and either should you. All you have to do is learn from them and those around you because…All that matters in business is that you get it right once. Then everyone can tell you how lucky you are.’
Who said this? The multi-billionaire Mark Cuban. This was at the end of a blog Mark Cuban wrote about his attaining ultimate success- when he hit the MARK! (okay, I promise no more puns!) He stated that no one ever asked anything about his previous many ventures in the pursuit of success only to end in ‘failures’- and they started from a young age. But when you strike ‘gold’, drill a ‘oil gusher’, buy a stock early that goes through the roof, etc. everyone around you claims it to be ‘luck’. Silence is profound until you hit pay dirt! Then everyone around you speaks about you like it was just overnight luck. It is other like-kind people who really understand the years of trial and error, dedication, effort, ‘stick-to-it’ness, the confidence and belief that you can and will attain your greatness somewhere, somehow, it’s just a matter of time.
I remember another famous person in the music industry who said the ‘mike’ (your voice, fortune, etc.) only goes by you once. If you miss it you are out of luck. If any successful person had believed that they would have never had the courage to keep going. If Mark Cuban had believed this he would never attained what he did, he would not be a wealthy happy guy.
I say to you, do not ever give up. Do not ever give in to the voices of mediocrity, the negative people who silently live in the shadows of life and loud with rumors and murmurs when someone sticks out of the mud and rises into the light of greatness and fortune, then tells the whole world of your ‘luck, overnight success’. Martha Stewart said it well in her recent book that ‘opportunites will always keep coming to you all your life’. The point is all missed one’s are just the setup for the next one, your next opportunity. DO NOT EVER GIVE UP.
You only have to be right once…

Welcome to my professional world…

March 10, 2008

  This is my first blog on my personal profile site. My mandate is to provide everyone with a portolio of data about me; my professional life past and present. And the future! So stay tuned,  fasten your seatbelt and get ready for departure as this flight into the life of Grant Gibson takes off into the ionosphere,  flight levels never been explored and open to the public forum. So I extend a warm welcome and offer you your special drink with some cheese and crackers during your stay. And, once you land, do come back often as I will never take you to the same place twice…Grant Gibson